Prayer Requests

How to Pray For Your Missionary
1. Health – Exodus 15:26/Ps. 103:3
2. Spiritual/Physical Strength – Chron. 16:9/Eph. 3:16
3. Direction – Prov. 16:9/Is. 30:21
4. Financial Sufficiency – Phil. 4:19/2 Cor. 9:8
5. Safety – Ps. 121/Prov. 18:10
6. Peace/Rest – Prov. 14:30/John 14:27
7. Wisdom – Prov. 3:13/James 1:5
8. Joy – Prov. 17:22/Gal. 5:22
9. Miracles – Ps. 77:14/Acts 14:3
10. A Winning Attitude – Rom. 12:2/2 Cor. 2:14


*Not in Booklet

1.     Continue to pray for her ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for her safety.


In a few hours the Biblical Missiology conference will begin.  it will be finished by noon tomorrow.
Beginning tomorrow at noon, the Legacy Conference will begin and run through Saturday.
The Biblical Missiology conference is about exploring the feasibility of starting a new Bible translation organization.  The Legacy Conference is to inform, equip, and encourage Christians to evangelize Muslims and disciple those who get saved.
We are excited about what God will do.  Please join us in praying for the ministry of God’s Word and the work of the Holy Spirit to be powerful.
Because John 3:16 includes Muslims,

  1.  Please pray for the next team which we will be hosting in about a week. We are asking the LORD to shine His face upon our outreaches in Galway and Tuam!
  2. Please agree with us in prayer about our ministry in Tuam. Local religious leaders have been coming against our ministry, but we are believing that God will give us a breakthrough soon.
  3. Please lift up our intern to the LORD. We are excited to see how the LORD will impact both her life and our lives as we host her.

1.     Our biggest prayer is for a good transition from AGWM into ministry work at home.  We will make that change March 31st and still have some big decisions to make for our future.


1.     They will be traveling to teach at a bible school in Romania at the end of August. They will be team teaching a class on Introduction to Islam. Right after they get back from there, B will be teaching a class at the bible school in Kuma NoVo on the Holy Spirit and The Gifts.  He taught a class on World Religions in April/May.

2.     They are starting up with hosting teams this summer (starting June 20th). They have an AIM Team from Minnesota coming first; a Chi Alpha Team from the University of Wyoming coming in July and a team from White Cloud, MI in September. Thanks for praying for them as we minister together!

3.     Pray for the Summer Camps that are scheduled this summer. They have been helping with work on the Royal Ranger campground for more than a year and it will be a huge blessing to the national church and many other countries for years to come!

Thanks for praying for Macedonia! There has been a lot of political unrest the last few years.


  1. With Holy Week now upon us, more Filipinos are giving attention to issues of faith than any other time of year except Christmas. Please pray that many would come to know Christ this week.
  2. Also, on Good Friday, tens of thousands of witchdoctors, fortunetellers, sorcerers and other practitioners of witchcraft and divination, etc., will go to selected mountains to perform secret rituals to renew their powers. These are actually supernatural transactions with demonic powers. Please pray that Jesus will reveal himself to them and that these demonic strongholds would be broken.

  1. Next week, Tuesday, I head for a medical missions conference in Greece. Pray for travel safety and for good connections and learning during the conference and for wisdom as I come back to Zambia to apply what I learned well.
  2. I need continued wisdom on saying yes and no to the multiple projects and wonderful ideas and great needs I’m presented with. I want to do the best, not just good.
  3. Please pray for 2 week old boy with possible pneumonia, needing oxygen to breath. He’s doing well but we need final answers on if his heart is okay. It’s taking more than a week to get an echocardiogram and ECG.
  4. Please pray for a middle-aged man with a serious complication to malaria called blackwater fever. It has really affected his kidneys and he is very anemic. Please pray his kidneys recover.

As many of you know our giving has been down. We discovered a wonderful company though, that helps people give to missions, and it’s called “GiveWay”. GiveWay uses micro-funding to help support missionaries and other non-profits through everyday activities.
You can download the GiveWay App and once you register a credit card, and find us on the app, it takes purchases you make with that card and rounds every purchase up to the next dollar and gives the change to our missionary account. Pretty cool, eh?
We want to get as many of our supporters and prayer partners using this as we can to help fund the ministry.
If you want to know more about the app visit

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Ministry

  1. We need for doors to be open with the local universities and favor with the administration of these universities.
  2. Please pray that God sends American university students to India!
  3. A long season of health for the entire team here in Delhi!

1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


1. Pray for safe travels, arrival of luggage, transition into our house and a good
start in Senegal

2. Pray for Jenilee’s health. For strength in the heat, good response to drug therapy
and no relapses in the coming months
3. Pray for the girls as they transition to Dakar Academy in August
4.  Pray for Jeremy as he renews relationships in country and starts again with the
national church in children’s ministry
5. Pray for our house, truck, appliances and other things we left in Senegal to be
good and working when we arrive
6. Pray for our families as we leave the states and head back overseas
7. Pray for our language learning as we begin speaking French again on a daily

8. Pray for memory, brain power and a sense of humor!


*Not in Booklet
1. Leadership Team
2. Financial Support
3. Rosebud Dream Center


*Not in Booklet

1.   Pray for the civil unrest taking place.

2.  Pray for this time of itineration to be refreshed, renewed and to be used by God during it also.

3.Praising God that she was able to meet her newest niece.

4.  Thanking God for YOU!


1.     Please continue to pray for more workers to come and help with the load of ministry.

2.     Praise God, we do have a few Missionary Associates in process to come and join our team! Pray that they can raise their budgets quickly!

3.     We could use help specifically in Children’s and Youth ministry as well as refugee ministry.

4.     Pray for me for wisdom and safety as I help someone who is in danger find shelter and a rescue from a very difficult situation!

5.     Pray for our church as we are out of space and beginning the process of renovation.

6.     Pray for us as we provide pastoral care to the Missionaries in our Central Europe Area.


1.     A growing presence of the Lord in our prayer room. What happens on the street begins here.

2.     A growing anointing as we proclaim Jesus in the plaza that would draw people to repentance and surrender to Jesus.

3.     Total healing for our missionary colleague, Julie Bock, who is fighting stage 4 cancer.

4.     More laborers in the harvest and revival in Spain.


Here is the link to a video of our ministry to make it more “visible” to the people:


1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.

3.      Continue to pray for a Visa.


1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


* Not in Booklet

1.     The healing love of Christ would continue to flow in the refugee’s hearts.

2.     That refugees would embrace the redemptive work of Christ on the cross.

3.     That God would open the heavens and pour out the blessings which we cannot contain. Mal 3:10 so we can accomplish all that God has put on our hearts.


Praise Report:

  • Praise the Lord for crazy successful meetings this past week in Kenya. AGWM leaders from across the continent met to plan and strategize forward for launch centers in many of the countries we serve.
  • Praise the Lord for a wonderful OHC! 
  • Praise the Lord for the many MKs that were filled with the Spirit.
  • Praise the Lord for the team Jesus is calling to Chad.
  • Praise the Lord for new missionaries joining us from other nations to plant the church in Africa.
  1. Please pray for leadership training and connection meetings on Madagascar, March 12-16.
  2. Please pray for AGWM Candidate Orientation the same week, March 11-17, in Springfield, MO. We need workers!
  3. Please pray for our boys, Josiah and Micah, whose birthdays are March 25 and March 20, respectively. 
  4. Please continue to pray for Kenya – the political situation is dicey. 
  5. Please pray for the new team assembling for Chad that Jesus will empower them, capacitate them, and give them a wide path to run on.
  6. Please pray for the 18 countries in Africa where we have no AGWM personnel.
  7. Please pray that the Lord will call workers to join us in Africa.

1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


1.     Things are really starting to stir in our ministry right now. God has given us opportunities like never before. One of the coolest things is our “Discovering Isa Bible Study” (Isa is the Arabic word for Jesus) This is with 6 Muslims who want to know more about Isa. For them, Isa was the 2nd Greatest prophet, but we pray they will know him as Lord and Savior. We have the opportunity each week to study the Gospels in a very open format. They know I am a pastor and they are hungry for more. Pray with us to see God’s glory fall. Thanks so much!


1.     I will be participating on an outreach to Colombia the second week in April.  We will be holding a medical clinic in a prison.  Please pray that many will come to know Jesus as Savior.

2.     The last week in April, I will be going to Benin, West Africa on an assessment trip.  This is a trip where I will be working with Marti & Brenda Roman to see the best way that CompassionLink can serve the people in a specific community.  We will be sending a team in October depending on what I learn in April.  I lived and worked in Benin, West Africa for 2 years so I am excited to visit again.

3.     Personally, I am trying to get healthier physically.  Please pray that I would continue to do those things that will promote good health in my body.


1) NA’s health: a) she has been battling a sore/swollen throat b) she has recently developed a severe allergy to certain nuts and nutmeg
2) Tomorrow night we have a missions service and NA doesn’t feel very good
3) Saturday we are having a big missions event at our local church: Please pray for the last minute details to get taken care of

We thank God for you and how faithful you have been in prayer on our behalf and pray that God frees up double the time you invest in prayer on our behalf, amen!


1.     Ask that our family will become healthy and whole again.

2.     Ask that as we seek the Lord that He will show us His will for our family during this season.

3.     Please lift Ahmed up that the seed that was planted will continue to grow and be protected from the enemy.

4.     Ask that he will be able to find another brother in the Lord that will be able to continue discipling him.

5.     Ask our Father to send someone to him in the new city where he lives that will be a light to him.

6.     Ask that the seeds that were sown will continue to grow.

7.     Ask that this man and his family will come to know Christ and surrender to His will for their lives.

8.     Ask that doors will be opened in a specific city where the Lord is leading us to start a business.

9.     Ask that the local workers there now will be strengthened and empowered by the Spirit to continue reaching these minority peoples.


1.     Pray for favor and divine connections in the community.

2.     Pray for our seeker friends that they may have more revelation of who Christ is in order to follow Him and not be isolated but able to meet regularly with others seeking Him.


1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


1.     That we are able to fill our schedule with meeting and services.

2.     That we can fulfill our budget requirement within this next year.

3.     For continued health and wellness of our family.

4.     That the children will do well in a new school and find good friends.

5.     That our kids fall in love with Michigan and develop great relationships with other children here.

6.     The Lord continues to prepare a place for us.

7.     Housing

8.     Job in The University

9.     The Right Relationships


1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


1.     Continue to pray for their ministry.

2.     Continue to pray for their safety.


1.     Please continue to pray with us for the pastors that are continuing to rebuild, the area damaged by a Hurricane. They are experiencing some opposition/harassment from the government because they didn’t have the materials to rebuild in the allotted time-frame, but it was the government that was holding the materials up in customs so they couldn’t begin building.

2.     Please pray for favor with local government officials and that the harassment would stop.

3.     Also, please pray for the three other projects that I have going on, because of all the damage in the country the government is sending all of the building materials there and/or not releasing materials they have stored in warehouses. We have been searching unsuccessfully for cement to pour the final roof sections on the main project since February.


1. Please pray for us as we head to Springfield Missouri the month of June for Missionary Training. We are looking forward to a change in our routine and to learning a lot down there.

2. Please pray for safe travels and that we will be inspired and encouraged while we are in Springfield.

3. Please pray for the health and strength of our family, especially our children.


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