AS and CS

  1. we want to bring your attention to the Legacy Conference that will take place in Dearborn, May 31 – June 2.  See the newsletter and visit the website for more information.  The website is:  If you would like to bring a group from your church please contact us.
BC and MC

  1. New destination
  2. Transition
  3. Finding a good home
  4. Start of SchoolGood solid relationships
  5. Great doctors
BT and CT

  1. They will be traveling to teach at a bible school in Romania at the end of August. They will be team teaching a class on Introduction to Islam. Right after they get back from there, B will be teaching a class at the bible school in Kumanovo on the Holy Spirit and The Gifts.  He taught a class on World Religions in April/May.
  2. They are starting up with hosting teams this summer (starting June 20th). They have an AIM Team from Minnesota coming first; a Chi Alpha Team from the University of Wyoming coming in July and a team from White Cloud, MI in September. Thanks for praying for them as we minister together!
  3. Pray for the Summer Camps that are scheduled this summer. They have been helping with work on the Royal Ranger campground for more than a year and it will be a huge blessing to the national church and many other countries for years to come!
  4. Thanks for praying for Macedonia! There has been a lot of political unrest the last few years.

  1. Continue to pray for her ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for her safety.
DJ and DJ

  1. That the Lord would richly anoint us to both live in Christ’s love.
  2. To minister His love and wisdom to our students.
  3. That our students would be encouraged, healed, and anointed to bring His love and truth to many nations.
GB and AB

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

  1. A smooth transition for those who are retiring from the field.
  2.  Good relations, good ideas, and a clear path forward as the Community Health Evangelism Committee meets to discuss the plans for restructuring.
  3. The Grant for the HIV Clinic goes through (half the staff has been working without pay for 3 months due to lack of funds).

*Praise Report

There have been several opportunities to talk in churches about cervical cancer screening and to screen women locally in the capital city.

There have been opportunities to share about HIV/AIDS and purity to the youth of different churches as well.

A woman was brought In to the small, rural clinic that I help at once a week. She was so weak; her family carried her in by her arms and legs. Her blood pressure was almost zero (80/0), very pale and very fast heart rate. The nurse got an IV quickly and we got fluids started and sent her to the local hospital. Amazingly she spent two days there and went home just fine. She was so close to death. Many prayers and God’s grace kept her alive. Glad to be a small piece in helping.

JB and KB

Please pray for our Fall Retreat that begins September 29th. We are meeting in Hersey, MI for a time of life changing teaching, worship, and fun. This event is massively important, and has been instrumental in God’s transformation of people’s lives. Two years ago, a young lady from our group repented of her sinful lifestyle and made a decision to follow Jesus. She then went to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and has a heart to serve in ministry. This all happened here.


  1. Continue to pray for her ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for her safety.
JF and NF

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.
JG and JG

  1. Safe travels
  2. Good health
  3. The van will continue to work without any maintenance issues for the entire year.
KK and MK

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.
KP and AP

  1. – more church staff-
    about a year ago Kirk and were asked to become the new Area Directors of Central Europe. After praying we sensed the Lord saying “yes”!  So pray that God would expand the staff at the local church that we planted (Life Church). We need His leadership as we go through this transition!
  2. -favor and wisdom with renovation project-
    We are also in the middle of a renovation project to expand our chapel space and make more room for Kid’s Ministry!
  3. -for God to use us to renovate hearts-
    We want to see breakthrough in the lives and family members of those in our church as well as the city! Healings, salvations, and that people would be discipled and called from darkness into His marvelous light!
KP and KP

  1. Smooth transitions for family members
  2. Jobs for family members.

L has returned to Michigan for the time being, and is no longer on support with Assemblies of God World Missions. Her 2 year term is complete, She is planning to gain more experience in ministry stateside before returning to Central Eurasia.

That being said,she could use prayer for finding a math teaching job in the Oakland County area. And for a new relationship God has blessed her with. For wisdom and guidance as to whether this is the man she should spend the rest of her life serving Him with.

For praise reports:
– she was able to be the maid of honor in her sister’s wedding
– she met a man who loves the Lord, and wants to serve Him!
– she also met a young Turkish woman who is her age, and they are planning to get together to practice English and Turkish together. Praying for her heart, as she is Muslim, and doesn’t know Jesus yet.

MA and JA

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.
ML and CL

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.
RM and DM

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

  1. Continued prayer through the transition time as S’s term with Breaking Chains Network came to a close mid-march.
  2. S. began a new job in Michigan and is now close to family.
  3. That God will show S. ways to minister His truth and life to her new co-workers as she gets to know them better.
SP and TP

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the Kenyan election, for the Kenya AG, and our AGWM teams serving in Kenya.
  2. Pray for workers!
  3. Pray for Josiah & Liz, Pris & Reed, and Micah.

Praise Reports

  1. Praise the Lord for a wonderful 50th year celebration with the Mauritius AG! More in the next e-update.
  2. Praise the Lord for Dr. Barnabas Mtokambali’s confirmation to Chairman of the Africa AG Alliance. Please pray for he and Glad Mary, his wife, and the Tanzania AG.
SS and RS

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.
TE and DE

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

  1. Outreach to Columbia in September
  2. Upcoming HIV testing in a prison (this will be a difficult trip because we do not have the medications needed to give to those that do test positive, so we will have to tell those who test positive that they have a terminal illness).
  3. Pray for those that test positive that they will find hope in Jesus.

  1. Trip to Asia.

We purchased tickets

.Favor with getting tourist visas

.Filling of the Holy Spirit to heal and deliver (Trip is September 27th-October 19th)

(D wanted to convey her gratitude for praying for her as the Lord is providing for her costs) I was able to book the tickets at a very good cost ($1800 total per person for all flights praise God!)

  1. Good health
  2. Financial provision (Thanks to the generosity of our support team we were able to extend for this 4th year, please pray that people continue to stay onboard)
  3. Missions team planning: N and I are leading the missions department at the local church we attend so we need wisdom and creativity
  4. Us as a new couple: That the Lord’s hand be upon us protecting, guiding and providing
  5. Great prayer times: individually and as a couple
  6. Ears that hear: That God would continue to guide us and communicate to us

Praise Reports:

R, came to Wednesday night service for first time and confessed struggles against the enemy so they ministered deliverance to him

We passed out invitations to all the local schools

We spoke on the radio

Saturday morning we ministered to 90 of the kids that attend regularly

Sunday we had the open air event in the plaza 250 kids came and many prayed to receive Jesus

100 adults were evangelized and around 20 prayed to receive Jesus

We worked alongside the local church to help pull all of this off. And God stopped the rain for the main events! Glory to God

GPM Retreat

I was able to gift to all of the apr 150 future missionaries my book on finances. I also participated in teaching a workshop about the importance of learning language (especially english) to motivate them to work on language acquisition ahead of time. The retreat was a big success and many are getting closer to being able to go out on short term trips and others are getting close to being able to go out as long term missionaries


  1. National Mission Department
    We are in the midst of some major leadership transitions here at our national missions department and I thank the Lord for having extended our time on the field to be able to continue to serve here during this transition. We are still in charge of the short term trips and are helping out in other ways as well. Please pray for our sending agency that it would reach the potential that it has in mobilizing Argentines to go to the ends of the earth with the fire of the Holy Spirit.
    Another trip
    We just booked tickets to take another team in February the15th-March 5thPlease stand in the gap again that the Lord would use us in a myriad of ways!  

    Our health
    N is doing a bit better, turns out she had an infection most likely caused by our trip to 2 different countries, but please pray that she would remain healthy and be 100% free from any infection. Please pray for our health since we travel so much and expend a lot of energy.
    Our finances
    Please pray the favor of the Lord be upon our work funds and personal finances and for N’s visa. That the Lord would bring us to mind to those who have committed to support and to those he has spoken to as well. That He would also protect and prolong the durability of our car, our phones and computers and cameras etc and continue to guard us from thieves as He already has been doing.
    For our work 
    This weekend we return to a previous as we are helping a brand new church plant. Please pray the Lord does miracles through us and protects us during the 5 hour trip there and back. 

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

    1. That we are able to fill our schedule with meeting and services.
    2. That we can fulfill our budget requirement within this next year.
    3. For continued health and wellness of our family.
    4. That the children will do well in a new school and find good friends.
    5. That our kids fall in love with Michigan and develop great relationships with other children here.
    6. The Lord continues to prepare a place for us.
    • Housing
    • Job In The University
    • The Right Relationships

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

  1. Continue to pray for their ministry.
  2. Continue to pray for their safety.

  1. Please continue to pray with us for the pastors that are continuing to rebuild, the area damaged by a Hurricane. They are experiencing some opposition/harassment  from the government because they didn’t have the materials to rebuild in the allot-ed time-frame, but it was the government that was holding the materials up in customs so they couldn’t begin building.
  2. Please pray for favor with local government officials and that the harassment would stop.
  3. Also, please pray for the three other projects that I have going on, because of all the damage in the country the government is sending all of the building materials there and/or not releasing materials they have stored in warehouses. We have been searching unsuccessfully for cement to pour the final roof sections on the main project since February.





















Calvary Assembly of God

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